The Scales of War

A New Beginning

GoblinArriving in the township of Brindol after journeys from the West, our adventurers are accosted by a roadside salesman named Otis Redforge. While most are unimpressed with his wares, Deathstryker takes pity on the man and buys a canary named Ezekial from the peddler.

Continuing into town, our heroes pass through a village square only to hear screams up ahead. A party of goblins and hobgoblins rushes out from around the corner, intent on villagers running for their lives. Encountering heavily-armed travelers was hardly their goal. Drawing steel, all five traveling companions made the subhumans pay a heavy price for their incursion into human lands.

Pushing further into the village, the five came upon an abattoir. Slain guardsmen and townsfolk littered the square before the Red Tabard tavern. Another powerful group lead by a mighty bugbear stood over the corpses, and they swung into battle. Mid-fight, the wizardly scholar Tatho realized that the tavern’s banner was nothing less than an ancient war-symbol of the Red Hand of Doom. Screams were heard from inside, and more goblins rushed to join the fight from terrorizing the Tabard’s patrons.

Wielding spells and blades with gusto, even this more powerful group was quickly put down by teamwork and coordinated attacks. The final goblin on the scene, a runt named Izzik, was spared for questioning.

Will Izzik prove useful? Are there more attackers nearby? What prompted this vicious assault on Brindol?


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