The Scales of War

Behind Closed Doors

further still into the dungeon

After interrogating the remaining hobgoblin we interrogate him and learn that the “Rivin shall roar till the Day of the Black (Hole) Sun” or something like that. Apparently battle hardened hobo’s are just learning early 90s American Grunge rock here, but I digress. Thatho also finds a Signet Ring but has no idea what it means. We also find some more captives and send them back up top. As the party leaves, La’Zun whomps the hobgoblin Krusk in the back of the head, leaving him unconscious, bound, and in a sarcophagus.

In the next room we find 4 statues shaped like Displacer Beasts, which brave (read drunken) Baern charges between. There was a “click.” Luckily the trap was built for taller adventurers and Baern was spared as the deathly tendrils lash over his head. And then there were rats. These rats were stupid and attracted to flying pieces of metal, since Fletch blindly threw another dagger and managed to kill one of the mangy undead rodents. Not to be outdone Baern did some cool shit and killed 2 rats. Deathstryker wanted to be part of the club so he killed a rat too.

Then the Burning Man, err Men, appeared and the whole room was alight. La’Zun fearlessly charged into battle, killing a rat and sliding enemies around like chess pieces on the board, ignoring the flames searing his toughened skin.

Tatho was in the back.

While the flaming enemies were distracted by the awesome display of Warden fury, Feltch managed to dart past them and throw his cloak over the woman. The rest of the party was amazed by this display of heroism from the normally brooding anti-hero, but it turns out he just wanted to feel the girl up. She declined Fletch’s offer of dinner at Carrabas. While this was going on Baern beat up some living fire with his bare fists, and Deathstryker killed some more, and managed to heal the woman. The party had saved the cook, a fact that Baern somehow knew instinctively

Tatho moved out of the hall and into the back.

Once Mirtala had recovered, the party noticed that this was an altar made for the Raven Queen…or so it would seem. In fact the altar was even older and only built to look like for the Raven Queen, but this party was too smart to fall for that trick again. Wise Tatho finally moved forward and recognized the symbol on the altar as the same one from the ring we so recently found. How fortuitus! So Tatho put the ring in the altar and stairs appeared like something out of an Indiana Jones movie and everybody went down. At the bottom of the stairs we kicked open a door and found a giant room. In a dungeon, a room filled with dragons. Dragons in Dungeons. Dungeons and Dragons. (For purposes of awesomess this text will call them Dragons, as their proper term Drake just sounds like a fancy British name.)

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

Baern fought his way into the room drawing the fire of the biggest dragon to one side, soon to be followed by Fletch and Deathstryker. La’Zun took on 2 of the smaller beasts by himself, while Tatho fired missiles from the back. During the fight many of the dragons attacked La’Zun, but his will to survive was strong and he managed to hang on. Then Fletch rolled an awesome D20 from God or something, charged up the back of the blue dragon and lopped off his head with 2 swords of fury. The party was quite impressed.

From the back of the room the Dragon Trainer appeared just in time to see Fletch kill his favored pet. Enraged he charged La’Zun because you always try to take the strongest looking target out first. As soon as he got close though a 2nd dragon fell dead as Tatho and La’Zun took them out.

Then Baern came over and decided to show the party how it was done. First he wildly attacked the dragon trainer with fury of fists and bouncing of beer belly causing the dragon trainer to get disoriented. Then, carefully guiding the trainer in place first, Baern stood back and watched as the Dragon Trainers menacing counter attack plunged straight into the heart of his last beloved dragon. The beast screamed in fear before he fully knew the true nature of his attack. Facing a life with nothing left to train the Dragon Trainer took his own life, falling on his sword so he might fly forever with his beloved beats.

Even as the party was exhausted from the battle, La’Zun felt compelled to plunge his hammer deep into the heart of the big dragon that Fletch and had slewn. This wasnt the smartest of ideas as he was knocked off his feet by the shear force of its power, but here he had a vision. A vision of something awesome that could not be described in this small amount of space. But to be sure it was quite…awesome. When he awaoke he found his hammer was now magic, and that was good.

In the back of the room we found Sorsha and Baern pulled off something awesome to save the her. Fletch would have done it except she was old and Feltch dont play that.


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