The Scales of War

Runes, Webs, Orcs

Fletch Mavren sneaks along the dark halls to scout ahead of the party. Finding a room with runes all over the floor, the party searches for anything of value. Bearn finds health potions and gold, but suddenly the ghost of an old man appears. The remains of some long lost person have been disturbed. Two large Magma Claws and two Flame Serpents (who act remarkably like bats) are summoned inside the room.

The group charges into battle. Tatho stands in the back.

Splitting forces to each corner of the room and using flanking tactics, the party quickly gains the upper hand. The Dragonborn fights with a new found ferocity. Lawlzoon expertly defends against a Magma Claw. Fletch and Bearn work together to expertly bring down a Flame Serpent. Tatho stands in the back.

Victorious, the party continues into the dungeon. They find a jail cell with Sir Tanian the museum curator from Brindol inside. He mentions there’s more villagers on this level. Fletch grudgingly lets him borrow a dagger and makes him promise to feed Yaris, the group’s mule that remains outside.

Bearn prays softly over the remains of a girl while Tatho loots a wand from her rotting corpse.

Continuing on, the party disregards a clear warning and enters into the web-filled lair of Ettercaps. Although having trouble with stuns and every other status effect known to man, the party eventually slays them all. Looting a sizable bounty, they also discover the tattooed corpse of the guard captain. Bearn probably prays.

After a much needed extended rest, the group moves into the next part of the dungeon. Effortlessly dispatching an orc and drake patrol, the party looks down over the balcony to see a sizable amount of orcs taking a defensive stance in the room below.

Brazenly, most of the party vaults over the balcony one by one to face the force below. Larzoon takes the stairs.

Not wanting to be shown up, Fletch sprints towards the balcony’s edge and vaults over. Flipping and flourishing in midair, his cloak whipping around seemingly in slow motion, he throws two daggers at the orcs behind cover and then lands gracefully onto the ground. One dagger hits hilt first; the other sticks into the wall behind. The two orcs look at one another terrified but confused. One of them shrugs. Fletch clenches his teeth tightly together as he realizes the battle has paused temporarily and the entire room is staring at him. A moment later, fighting recommences.

Tatho summons a giant ball of fire that burns many of the orcs to cinders. The rest of the party rushes into flanking positions. Victory is achieved quickly. An orc archer is left alive for interrogation.


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