The Scales of War

The Fall of Sinruth

The large room the party found themselves in was built of pure evil. The cold newcomer to the group, Nwon Knu felt the touch of the Shadowfel with every breath he took. With a focused stare, Nwon began to inspect the many murals found on the giant pillars that were used as buttresses to support the immense weight of the stone that housed the evil. The murals were familiar to him for they bore the image of his deity, the Raven Queen, keeper of Death. With a tap on his shoulder, Nwon spun around, hand at the hilt of his magically imbued Frost sword. Seeing the Dragonborne, he relaxed his grip slightly. He didn’t yet think much of the one called “Deathstryker” but through some machination that he still did not understand fully, he was bound to this creature. With a curt nod, he pushed past the Dragonborne and joined the party as they creeped slowly down a slim hallway towards the light of a room in the near distance…

Fletch and Baern silently crept forward, attempting to catch a glimpse of what lay ahead of them. Fletch flattened himself against the stone hallway, a mixture of cold and evil tickling his spine as he used the wall for support. Craning his neck around the corner he looked into the room and to his surprise, was immediately met with a thunderous voice asking him to reveal himself fully.

The voice had come from none other than the mighty Sinruth himself. Accompanying him in the room were 4 small hobgoblins, 2 bugbears, and 4 skeletons, 2 of which were of the boneshard variety, and 2 were flaming. As Fletch carefully considered his options, Nwon burst into the room, and with a shout, challenged Sinruth, proclaiming, “Evil must die!” A fierce battle erupted all around the small party.

Baern, the pious dwarf who spent as much time worshipping his deity as he did drinking ale, unleashed an amazing assault that battered two of the hobgoblins to their deaths, and grievously injured two of the skeletons. Tatho, watching from his customary position as far away from the battle as possible couldn’t believe his eyes at the speed and quickness the tenacious dwarf showed. “Fists of fury” indeed he thought.

Not to be outdone, the brawn in the group, the mighty La’Zun wielded his massive Crag Hammer, narrowly missing one of the boneshard skeletons. Carried forward by the giant weight of his blow, La’Zun stumbled forward, swinging a second time wildly, and managed to crush the skull of one of the two remaining hobgoblins.

Fletch, ever the sneak, watched the battle from a distance. Pulling his magical cloak around him tightly, he began moving softly in the shadows, light foot presses with no chance of being heard among the clang of steel weapons against hardened armor, the bloodthirsty yells of the combatants. His sights set on one of the large bugbears, he quickly leaped forward, immediately sinking a knife into the back of the bugbear’s skull, while flourishing with his magical longsword, lopping the giant furry creature’s head right off.

After rolling off the bear, Fletch takes a quick towards the main fray, and shudders as he watches Deathstryker emit a toxic gas from his mouth, covering the remaining skeletons as well as Sinruth himself. Shaking his head at the sight, it occurs to him that he doesn’t want to be anywhere near the Dragonborne when he belches.

Deathstryker recoils from the massive blast of dragon breath, and quickly unsheathes his broad sword. A killing glint to his eye, Deathstryker brought the sword crashing down against the head of one of the boneshard skeletons, crumpling it into a heap of mismatched bones on the floor in front of him. He hears a massive roar from his left, and looks on as Sinruth begins pummeling Nwon.

Nwon hadn’t been in this much pain for a long time. The chain attached to Sinruth’s flail had coiled around his neck twice over, and Sinruth had shoulder slammed him to the ground, giant spikes from Sinruth’s armor penetrating the unarmored portions of Nwon’s ghostly skin. Baern, upon seeing Nwon being savagely assaulted, spurs into action, making a rush toward the giant boss. Sinruth watched as Baern rushed toward him, and slightly relaxed his grasp on the flail. That was all that Nwon needed to escape the deadly vice, and as Baern began bleeding from the blows he had taken from the remaining skeletons as he rushed toward Sinruth, Nwon placed a cold hand upon the dwarf and with an ancient chant, magically closed some of the wounds the skeletons had placed upon Baern.

La’Zun had seen enough. He knew it was time to end this. As Tatho began blasting magic missiles around the room, felling the remaining hobglobin as well as one of the fire skeletons, La’Zun pressed towards Sinruth, his giant steps filled with murderous intent. Suddenly, a skeleton near Sinruth exploded, and with a smile, Sinruth began chanting. Where just a moment ago, Sinruth had no remaining allies, 4 fresh skeletons rose anew. As Fletch, Tatho, and Deathstryker fell upon the skeletons just joined to the battle, dispatching them with relative ease, La’Zun began to charge…

A small gasp escaped the lips of Sinruth. Battered and bloodied, he knew the end was near, and as La’Zun began a colossal backswing with the Crag Hammer, Sinruth closed his eyes, stilled his hands, and for the first time in his life, shed a tear. The crag hammer ended Sinruth’s life before a second tear could fall…

La’Zun peered down at the vanquished foe. As is the custom of his people, he stripped the man of his armor, and with a small crack of a smile, realized the armor would fit his massive frame with a few modifications, and that the armor was made from the hide of the mighty giant bats near the mountains he calls home.

The party quickly finished exploring the massive castle, encountering a wight that gave them no trouble, and a few blaze skeletons. Feeling refreshed, and happy to be leaving the perilous place they had spent many a day in, the group quickly began the slow climb toward the entrance, not a one of them with a thought towards the many adventures that lie ahead. It was time to celebrate, for they had saved many of the townspeople, and were expecting a hero’s welcome.


whoisdialogue Deathstryker

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