The Scales of War

To the rescue

With a loud screech a flight of drakes appeared above the city. Goblins riding atop the drake were fire bombing the city. A burst of flame smashed down upon the Red Banner Tavern. With a shout Baern led the party into rescue the patrons and the beer. Tossing aside flaming Timbers with his bare hands La’Zuun cleared the way for the parties entrance into the tavern. Tatho quickly took stock of the situation, while Deathstryker inspired the terrified citizens to vacate the building. The group managed to get the civilians safely out of the building before it collapsed into rubble, as well as a Red Hand Banner and two barrels of ale.

The watch captain new the group had capabilities the town might need and asked for them to meet with the village council. Only one member of the council seemed interested in speaking with the heroes, Councilman Troiyas. After some negotiations the group arranged for a 500 gold piece bounty, bird seed for Deathstrkers to pet, as well as a wagon and mule to bring back any of the survivors who had been carried off; Jalisa, Sertanian the museum curator, Gaurd Captain Sertinex and his son theran, Murtalla the cook, Zarisha the soothesayer, and Adronsius the town alchemist. In addition to rescuing the villagers the heroes were tasked with recovering valuable relics of the last Red Hand of Doom campaign; a guilded helm, a platinum ceremonial longsword, 3 shields, a pair of iron gauntlets, and a battle standard.

The group quickly set out with La’Zuun leading the way with Baern assisting the group in trying to maintain some level of comfort. Arguments between Tatho and Fletch got the group lost but still managed to find their way to Castle Rivenroar. Upon arriving the heroes were set upon by a ferocious bear the size of a mountain and a crumbling rock-hewn golem. Fletch and Baern made their way behind the beast to give the rest of the party an advantage which the beast was distracted. But the bear was to strong for Baern and raked a bloody slash across his chest bringing him down. Seeing the the wounded dwarf La’Zuun unleashed the full might of his ancestors down upon the bear. While the bear was dazed and stumbling Fletch struck if its forepaw and it crashed to the ground. The golem was quickly dispatched. Fletch quickly looked to the aid of the fallen dwarf and was able to revive him before Baern succumbed to his wounds. Among the rubble of the statue a green emerald was found.

The heroes made their way up the daunting cliff face to the remains of Rivenroar castle only to find nothing. While the rest of the group searched the area Tatho sat down and poured over the copious amounts of history stored in his head. Tatho informed the group that they should begin looking for a way down as the Rivenroars had carved out a large number of tunnels and burial chambers beneath their homes.

Heading down into the tunnels the group found and quickly dispatched a group of goblins and hobgoblins guarding the entrance. Throughout the fight one goblin continually called for Bryark, who never arrived. Quick thinking by Fletch in shutting and barring a northern door prevented the group from additional fighting. Three doors lead out of the entrance room, to the west the Von Earstad chambers, east led to Von Jalech, and North to Rivenroar.


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